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Will there always be someone who is deemed less than someone else? Will humans always prey upon the vulnerable and less unfortunate? According to Edmond West, an MIT dropout, the answer is yes, humans will always look for someone to enslave or pick on. Believing this, Edmond decides to create robots that can be the recipients of humans’ cruelty so people no longer have to be. After working years in secret, Edmond creates Hart, an artificial intelligence so perfect that she is indistinguishable from humans. Hart learns, interacts with people, shows emotions, and even bleeds; however, when Hart is given free will, things change. Will the artificial intelligent be the exploited or will the humans? On the one hand, the reader can predict what will happen, but on the other, the story is fast paced and well written. Edmond is a believable character. The reader does not have to be as brilliant as Edmond to understand the technology and robotic science that goes into creating Hart–it is well within the reader’s reach. There are enough unresolved issues and possibilities for different twists that readers will look forward to the next book in what is advertised as a six-book series. This hi-low series could easily find a wider relationship than expected, and subsequent books will undoubtedly have waiting lists.

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